Ringed Hobonichi

I have always been in rings ever since I started planning way back in late 1990s after attending a Franklin Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People course. I started using fountain pens a few years ago and naturally discovered the Hobonichi Techo which is a great match for fountain pens. Because I missed being…

Gillio Compagna Green Pocket

Thank you to Mareye (Ling Mar) I now have a pocket Gigliodoro (previous name of Gillio before the re-branding) in green! I am using it as a wallet, my first foray into using an organiser as a wallet.

Gillio inserts

With a purchase of a Gillio organiser, you get, by default, a week on 2 pages starter pack consisting of:

Gillio unboxed

Yesterday I got one of the biggest unexpected surprise ever!

Gillio planner by Mella

Gillio planner by Mella Mella has started an avalanche of love for Gillio organisers after she introduced her first ever Gillio planner on her very first video. She has the Compagna Medium in Grey Mat Croco. More information here: Gillio Compagna Medium