Another Oroton

A brown A5 slim binder by Oroton is added to my collection. A steadily growing collection 🙂

Want more wine

Love the deep red brown vintage coloured binder that when I saw one in Oroton, I grabbed it. This time its a personal sized one.

Red wine

A deeper, richer, reddish brown vintage looking binder caught my eye. This has a shiny smooth leather with that vintage look that is just stunning.

Upsize please

Alas the pocket was too small so now will try Compact! This one has a zipper pocket at the back and the binder that holds the pages can be removed from the outer portin of the binder. Unfortunately I didnt quite take a liking to this binder. The leather feels plasticky.

Going smaller

I wanted to try something smaller, the classic is getting heavy and feeling a little large. Opted for a pocket chocolate brown binder. This is also the spacemaker version with a curved spine. The leather feels soft and velvety to touch. A different leather is used on the spine in a different shade. Unfortunately it…

Some chocolate

Here is more of a chocolate brown binder. This is a spacemaker version with the smaller rings and curved spine.

Lighter shade of brown

A lighter shade of brown caught my eye. And when i got it, i loved the soft velvety feel of the leather.

Needs to be leather

The black binder was fine but I wanted leather and prefer something not black.. So what do I do? Buy a new brown binder of course! The leather is smooth and just slightly shiny.