Ringed Hobonichi

I have always been in rings ever since I started planning way back in late 1990s after attending a Franklin Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People course. I started using fountain pens a few years ago and naturally discovered the Hobonichi Techo which is a great match for fountain pens.

Because I missed being in rings, I thought about incorporating the Hobonichi Techo book into rings by deconstructing the Techo and then punching holes onto the pages.

First step is to remove the spine. Find the middle of the book, making sure that you find the spot where 2 gatherings meet. This way you will not damage the pages when separating the book into 2 portions. Once you have found the middle, gently pull the 2 halves apart. Then with a cutter, separate the book into 2 pieces. Peel off the spine carefully before cutting it off from the pages.

With the help of a guillotine, cut away around 1cm off from the spine. If you do not have access to a guillotine, go to your local stationery store like Staples (in the US) or Officeworks (in Australia) and ask them to cut off 1cm from the spine. By doing this, the bindings for the pages will be removed and the pages will be separated from each other.

After this step, you are now ready to punch holes corresponding to the rings you are going to use. I use both A6 and personal/medium binders so will be punching the holes accordingly.

You will lose some writing space near the spine where the holes will be. The loss is more prevalent in the monthly view pages

There will still be enough space to write on the daily pages

I kept the front and back covers of the Techo and also ringed them in the binder:

I also punched holes in a pencil board so I can use as a Today marker as well as a pencil board for my rings

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  1. Jane McCourt says:

    What is a pencil board? Curious to know. Great article. Loved it. xx

    1. Jhosie says:

      Hi Jane! A pencil board is something you place behind the page you are writing on to minimise and even eliminate impressions of your writing on the following page. Especially helpful when you write with a ballpoint and exert pressure when you are writing. Also useful when using fountain pens so there wouldn’t be any ink transfer or bleed onto the next page. The board is made of plastic. ^-^

  2. mirimal says:

    yours is really a fantastic idea!
    I admire your precision, I would have made a mess!

    1. Jhosie says:

      Thanks! It sure was nerve wracking when I was doing it.

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