Gillio Compagna Green Pocket

Thank you to Mareye (Ling Mar) I now have a pocket Gigliodoro (previous name of Gillio before the re-branding) in green! I am using it as a wallet, my first foray into using an organiser as a wallet.


It is a beautiful dark green, although it does look lighter in these photos..


On the left there are pockets which I filled with coffee cards and business cards..


There is a full length back pocket which I use for receipts and notes..


The rings are GOLD! Love them especially against darker leather!


The left side has a secretarial pocket and a pen loop.

Final ramblings

I LOVE my pocket Gillio. One wish I do have is a zip or snap pocket for coins. So for now I need to bring a separate coin purse. I don’t usually bring cash so this would have been perfect, however on occasion that I do, I find myself placing all the ash (notes and coins) in my coin purse instead of placing the notes in Emerald. So although I love it as a wallet, it falls slightly short of perfect for the lack of a coin pouch/pocket..


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