Ace Hotel in Camel

Feels like the 5th Anniversary Edition

Visualise My Day

Having used a vertical scheduler for years, I stumbled upon the Chronodex and immediately took a liking to it. It is visually appealing and is based on the clock face. Being a visual person myself, this way to represent my day makes more sense in my mind. At a glance it is easier for me…

Ringed Hobonichi

I have always been in rings ever since I started planning way back in late 1990s after attending a Franklin Covey 7 Habits of Highly Effective People course. I started using fountain pens a few years ago and naturally discovered the Hobonichi Techo which is a great match for fountain pens. Because I missed being…

Midori Travelers Notebook 5th Anniversary Edition

To commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the Travelers Passport Notebook, Midori has collaborated with the Hong Kong STAR FERRY to create this very special limited edition in the gorgeous Camel colour also used for the full sized 5th Anniversary Edition. Most likely I will keep this as a souvenir and shall be named Star.

Midori Travelers Notebook

I have always wanted a Midori ever since I saw someone post about it early last year. Only this year did I get myself one. This one I feel needs a masculine name.. He will be named Takara (a Japanese name meaning “treasure”).. Since  I will be using this as a memento journal..