Gillio unboxed

Yesterday I got one of the biggest unexpected surprise ever!


I ordered a Gillio Mia Cara in Epoca Gold medium size and a Compagna Black-Orange pocket size (for Dizzy) on Thursday 8 August Sydney time. The store being located in Belgium, received my order evening of the 7th. On the 8th of August (Belgium) my order was processed and I received my confirmation email. Then I received my shipping email, afternoon of the 9th (Sydney). That night I chatted online with Els to confirm that what I have requested on my order have all been fulfilled, and yes she confirms that they all have been! What did I specify you ask? I requested gold rings, gift wrapping and a Gillio store bag. ­čÖé

As soon as I received the tracking number, I was like a hawk, glued to its every move!

  1. The courier service “accepted” the package in its network on the 8th (Belgium) @ 16.52
  2. The package was “sorted” at the Antwerpen X Parcel Sorter on the 9th @ 14.00
  3. Also on the 9th, the package information was manually registered at LCI @ 08.50
  4. The package then “departed the Office of Exchange” @ 13.09:11

Then the status stopped.. And it was stuck there for the longest time! ┬áThe weekend went by, still nothing.. The the week went by and still nothing! Then come Friday morning I woke up to a status change! On the 15th the package “arrived at the International Office of Exchange” @ 13.30! At the office, as I checked the status around 10am, the package “arrived at International Office of Exchange” on the 15th @ 13.30!!! At this point, the map on the tracking app showed the package arriving in the American East Coast. I was just happy that the package arrived as it felt it took so long since departing Europe!

And then at 11am, I see Ted coming down carrying parcels! And he was walking towards me and I can see a Gillio box at the bottom of the pile!!! He gives me my box and I nearly died!

The package

Gillio package

I was giddy with excitement! But I could not pull myself away to savour the opening of the box as I was swamped with work! A meeting, a lunch, another appointment, then had to be at a wine tasting as one of the hosts! AAAHHHH! So I left the office with the box intact, apart from the shipping label which I got around to taking off..

When I got home, I got to do a short “what is in the box” video

And a couple of pictures before spending time with my bub:

Gillio contents Dizzys Gillio

In depth

The next day I finally got to set my Mia Cara free! She is now JOIE! My joie de vivre!

Check out her pictorial here.


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