Gillio unboxed

Yesterday I got one of the biggest unexpected surprise ever!


I ordered a Gillio Mia Cara in Epoca Gold medium size and a Compagna Black-Orange pocket size (for Dizzy) on Thursday 8 August Sydney time. The store being located in Belgium, received my order evening of the 7th. On the 8th of August (Belgium) my order was processed and I received my confirmation email. Then I received my shipping email, afternoon of the 9th (Sydney). That night I chatted online with Els to confirm that what I have requested on my order have all been fulfilled, and yes she confirms that they all have been! What did I specify you ask? I requested gold rings, gift wrapping and a Gillio store bag. 🙂

As soon as I received the tracking number, I was like a hawk, glued to its every move!

  1. The courier service “accepted” the package in its network on the 8th (Belgium) @ 16.52
  2. The package was “sorted” at the Antwerpen X Parcel Sorter on the 9th @ 14.00
  3. Also on the 9th, the package information was manually registered at LCI @ 08.50
  4. The package then “departed the Office of Exchange” @ 13.09:11

Then the status stopped.. And it was stuck there for the longest time!  The weekend went by, still nothing.. The the week went by and still nothing! Then come Friday morning I woke up to a status change! On the 15th the package “arrived at the International Office of Exchange” @ 13.30! At the office, as I checked the status around 10am, the package “arrived at International Office of Exchange” on the 15th @ 13.30!!! At this point, the map on the tracking app showed the package arriving in the American East Coast. I was just happy that the package arrived as it felt it took so long since departing Europe!

And then at 11am, I see Ted coming down carrying parcels! And he was walking towards me and I can see a Gillio box at the bottom of the pile!!! He gives me my box and I nearly died!

The package

Gillio package

I was giddy with excitement! But I could not pull myself away to savour the opening of the box as I was swamped with work! A meeting, a lunch, another appointment, then had to be at a wine tasting as one of the hosts! AAAHHHH! So I left the office with the box intact, apart from the shipping label which I got around to taking off..

When I got home, I got to do a short “what is in the box” video

And a couple of pictures before spending time with my bub:

Gillio contents Dizzys Gillio

In depth

The next day I finally got to set my Mia Cara free! She is now JOIE! My joie de vivre!

Check out her pictorial here.


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