Pebbled brown

Pebbled brown leather so soft to the touch. With leather covered ring base. Sweeeet!

Go larger rings

When I need to a binder to hold a lot of pages, and I mean a lot, this is what I use. Huge rings with a handle on the spine for easy handling.


Not quite saddle but made for the outdoors. This one has a rugged oily textured leather. With a unique snap closure and golden rings!

Golden rings on saddle

Time for some gold rings on saddle/orange brown binder. The closure is neither zippered, snap or open. This is my only binder that has this type of closure. Makes it special. This is the Aurora.

Snapped another caramel

Wanted a caramel in compact so here it is! Snapped this! With contrast dark brown edges and interior.

Glove brown!

How about a glove brown binder? Who would say no to that! I certainly didnt! This is my baseball glove binder. Love!

Dark velvety brown

Then along came a beautiful velvety textured dark brown leather spacemaker binder! Could not pass it up!


Black zippered. A little squared but snug fit to the rings. Rings sit not on the spine rather on the back cover.