Visualise My Day

Having used a vertical scheduler for years, I stumbled upon the Chronodex and immediately took a liking to it. It is visually appealing and is based on the clock face. Being a visual person myself, this way to represent my day makes more sense in my mind. At a glance it is easier for me to see what I have going on for the day.

ChronodexChronodex by Patrick Ng

I used the Chronodex until I found the simpler version called the Spiraldex by Kent from Oz. It is based on the Golden Ratio of the Fibonacci Spiral.

SpiraldexSpiraldex by Kent from Oz
Comparison of the two:

When I first started using the Spiraldex I would print off what i called my Spiraldex Inserts

I then changed to using a stamp version of the Spiraldex since I started using a Hobonichi Techo. Because Hobonichi pages are very thin and made out of Tomoe River Paper, stamp ink can bleed through, therefore I use the chalk type stamp ink like Tsukineko Versa Magic Dew Drop in a lighter shade. I also only stamp the second impression onto the page, with the first impression made on scrap paper. This way I can eliminate the bleeding and minimise the ghosting.

I use colour coding for my schedule, have done so for years so of course I applied the same for the Spiraldex.

When there are blocks of time that I need to mark on my schedule:

When I have a few things happening in the day that I want to capture, I mark them with lines:

Some days can look like this:

I eventually changed the markers for my work day and my son’s school day to just be designated as:

This way I can still mark off other blocks of time within the day without having to superimpose them.

Notes are also colour coded to easily differentiate which tasks/notes are for each aspect of my life.

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  1. mirimal says:

    I also used both the spiraldex and the chronodex and I found myself better with the spiraldex between the two, it was clearer and more schematic. After a few days, however, I realized that the round shape, spiral precisely, confused me and I did not get the visual impact of the time taken to do what. So I used the color code to differentiate the activities, but also the color code (which I almost never use except in a minimal version) distracts me and confuses me! Unfortunately I am very linear and specifically I call myself “vertical linear”. ) I admire very much, however, this type of tools that allow you to visually monitor their times and I’m always curious to discover new ones!

    1. Jhosie says:

      As I always say, at least try something once. Glad you tried and figured out it doesn’t work for you. 🙂 for November I will use the Chronodex.

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