Recently I have been introduced to a beautiful new concept created by Patrick Ng (, CHRONODEX, a novel way to view your schedule.


Image by Patrick Ng

Since the beginning of the diary making business, every single diary is made by representing time in fixed grids.  To challenge this rigid representation, after exploring in deep thoughts the essence of my own perfect diary, I present to you my Chronodex idea.

Come to think of it, the paper which makes up a diary originated from trees, when the sheets of paper are bound together in the middle, it is almost like foliages stemming from a tree’s trunk.  Each page is like a branch, each opened page is a week, each day is like a beautiful flower grew from that page, consist of petals of your day’s time slices.

You may argue that this format is still slicing time into blocks and far from the fractal nature, but soon as you start using it, you will find that time is no longer rigid, instead you will find fluidity through free notations.

The more important time slices can be drawn larger, activities can be dots or pies (petals if you will) depending on duration or importance, space on a page is no longer limited to grids.  Basically you can roam freely and be amazed how beautiful your week can be.

Yes Chronodex is kind of weird, it looks a bit too complicated, it is not like any other traditional scheduling tools, but it is inspirational and free style.  I made it so as to break the rules of scheduling, most diaries/schedule books have rigid grids and timeline which limit the available space for you to write notes related to your schedule, you can use any space on the paper to link your time specific entries thus free from the traditional constraints.

Me being a more visual person jumped at the chance to use this new way to view one’s schedule. To view my day represented in a clock makes sense. We have all grown up being taught how to tell time, it has become second nature. Why not visually “see” your day?

Patrick also developed a digital version here.  And if you use A5, use this.

I then started reading, watching, absorbing all things Chronodex and came across Kent from Oz’s ( SPIRALDEX. He extrapolated on Patrick’s idea and based his Spiraldex on the Fibonacci Spiral

I also had conversations with Kent and Ashley on how best I can adopt this new system.

I have taken to Kent’s Spiraldex and will adopt his version. I have a personal sized organiser and have created a 2 day per page Spiraldex. I laid out 2 personal sized pages onto an A4 sheet to be printed duplex on the short side. I also like my months to be separated so I made sure my pages are not continuous. As you can see the page is virtually blank apart from the Spiraldex and a date block.

Here is a link to the file

Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 2.21.57 PM

Final Ramblings

I haven’t had the chance to start using the system as yet, still to print them out, cut the pages and punch them. I am looking forward to freeing my mind.


13 thoughts on “Chronodex

  1. Woohoo! Nice post. Now get this puppy working and post some action shots! Will you be using color coding? Do you decorate your pages? Let’s see! Let’s see!!

    • I’m getting misalignment issues with printing my pages, Argh! Hope to sort them out soon!

      Yes I’ll be colour coding as I already do on my vertical schedule.. I’m afraid that’s the extent I decorate, plus some small stickers to denote a certain category like a birthday.. 🙂

      Can’t wait to post!

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