Having gone through and found some of my inserts from years ago, I have used some in my current personal organiser while the others will be supplies..


I also got some different coloured pens.. Although I don’t decorate my pages, I do find using a colour coding system works for me..

  • Staples gel pens in medium: a little too thick, I am more of a fine line gal; colour rendition a little off, ie the lighter blue pen is actually darken when used than the regular blue
  • kikki.K gel pens in extra fine: nice pens, nice colour rendition
  • Smiggle colouring pencils: don’t really use this much.. Just started using them to colour in day gone by on the montly calendar



Also got some Midori paper clips.. I walk past Dymocks Stationery on the way to and from work (it is the next building drom my office) and I usually drop in and browse.. One of those drop in days I saw these Midori paper clips on sale for 40% off.. So what is a gal to do? Buy them of course!


How do you store your stationery? I dont have a desk here at home that I can set up as my writing desk so I looked for a bag or pouch that could serve as my stationery carry.. I found my Muji bag organiser and thought that would do fine..


I am th

nking of removing the pages though and either placing them in a box or in another binder..

How do do have you stationery set up?


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