We have lift off!

I have setup my Oroton personal organiser to the point where I am able to share, ie. it’s not a mess of pages strewn together.. I have achieved some semblance of sanity with my pages.. Although my sanity may be another’s chaos.. 🙂

The Binder

I am using my Oroton organiser in personal size.. It is a chestnut leather organiser Made in Australia. I picked this up many years ago and to date, even after acquiring a few other organisers, this remains one of my favourites.. It is the one in the middle, flanked by a Franklin Covey simulated leather open binder in classic size (my very first organiser) on the left, and another Franklin Covey on the right, this time a spacemaker zipped binder in leather also classic size..

It is a padded binder so it looks even fatter.. On the inside left panel, there are 2 card pockets then, then 2 full length pockets. On the inside right side panel there is a full length pocket and a notepad slot..


The Pages

I will be using Franklin Covey compact sized pages which is equivalent to personal in Filofax and medium in Gillio.. It is the Seasons design and I picked this up at FranklinCovey.com.au for half price since half of the year has already whizzed past.. As well as the Her Point of View design which I still had from previous planning packs..


The Sections

Planning Calendars

The divider is from the Her Point of View design while the 2012 to 2015 yearly calendar is from Seasons..


Key Information

This is also from Her Point of View.. There is a page for Personal Information (as you can see below).. There is also a Friends and Family Information page and Medical Record pages..


Monthly Tabs

This is my event calendar.. The Monthly calendar on 2 pages tabs are from Seasons.. I like having the month to a view with a Notes column on the rightmost edge.. I have birthdays, anniversaries, and other events. To quickly differentiate the events, I have a designated sticker corresponding to a specific event, ie. star for birthdays..

At the front of each month is a space for an Index of Important Information Recorded on This Month’s Daily or Weekly Notes.. While at the back is a Master List, 1 for Personal and the other for Business.. I also keep a Reciepts envelope after the last page of each month, before the next month’s monthly tab..

I like Seasons since each season is themed differently.. Although the themes for each season does not correspond to the seasons we have here in Australia, the months for each season does! So for June to August altough it is winter here downunder but the theme is summer, the block of June to August are the same block of 3 months for our winter.. So as long as the block of months are the same, I dont mind if the theming of the season is different.. I still get the separation of seasons regardless of the unaligned theme.. 🙂

I keep the entire year’s worth of monthly tabs but only keep 2 months worth of day to a view pages, for the current month and the next month.. Each day has, on the left, a Task List, Daily Tracker, Appointment Schedule and a month calendar; on the right, is an entire page for Daily Notes and there is also a daily quote..



I have some stickers, again from my previous foray in paper planning.. If I remember correctly I bought these from Morning Glory.. I have 2 sheets of Babu and 4 sheets of Baby Bear.. I still have a lot of unused stickers per sheet.. i dont really decorate my pages apart from an odd sticker here and there.. I mainly use different colour pens.. I have started to try shading the days gone by on my monthly calendars..


Section #1 to #5

These tabs are from Her Point of View and as you can see in this theme, the artwork is quirky..

Section 1: my son
Section 2: me!
Section 3: shopping (placed it close to the me section of course!)
Section 4: family (i have a crazy family which are normally out of control hahaha)
Section 5: work (maybe?)


Zippered Clear Pouch

And lastly bringing up the rear, I have a zippered pouch which houses sticky tabs, post its, etc..


Final Ramblings

It has been years since I last used a paper organiser and I think it was largely due to the advent of smartphones.. My first smartphone was a Treo and slowly I migrated into digital organisers making use of the calendar, phone book, notes, diary, and other apps made available on a smartphone.. I embraced the new technology with gusto and wreckless abandon! Leaving behind a trail of unused, unloved paper, pens and leather binders.. However amidst the sea of online goodies all to be had, once in a while I felt an ache, a tug of a past love.. A love affair so intense it is part of my core.. More and more I hear the calling.. And then when I least expected it, to my door came a knocking.. To which I welcomed with open arms and let myself fall in love all over again..


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